Colorado Technical University - Online Accounting Associate Degree
Online Accounting Degree - Associate
Colorado Technical University

Online Accounting Degree Program
Associate of Science in Accounting

CTU offers the convenience of earning your accounting degree online as well as at several of our ground schools. If you have a knack for numbers and an interest in pursuing a career in accounting, this degree program can help get you on your way.

Along with a foundation of communication, interpersonal and math skills, you can learn all aspects of the accounting cycle, including how to prepare, analyze and interpret various financial documents. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to be a key player in the financial information arena of just about any field of business that interests you.

When you graduate, you can pursue career opportunities such as:
* Accounting Assistant
* Bank Teller
* Personal Financial Advisor
* Commercial Loan Clerk
* Auditor
* Bookkeeper
* Payroll Specialist
* Financial Analyst
* Claims Analyst
* and many more

The AS in Accounting Degree Program includes CTU Academic Certificates

CTU Academic Certificates are résumé-enhancing credentials built right into course content, so you can progressively add marketable skills to your professional qualification as you study.
* Basics of Accounting and Finance
* Business Fundamentals
* Financial Accounting
* Management Essentials

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