About CommissionSoup
CommissionSoup, a division of CreditSoup, Inc., is a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. CommissionSoup provides full-service online marketing solutions from our corporate offices in Madison, SD. We focus on building relationships with our clients to understand their goals and help them achieve success with our unique marketing strategies. CommissionSoup is more than a web site. Our clients receive personalized service and support, creating a better online experience.

CreditSoup, Inc. was established in 2000 to connect consumers with lenders to meet their credit-related needs. In May 2001, building on the success of CreditSoup, CommissionSoup was formed to provide a larger consumer base for our merchants’ programs to be more successful. Through our performance-based affiliate network and interactive advertising techniques, CommissionSoup provides an online connection for marketers and merchants to create mutually beneficial relationships.

With a variety of online programs to market and advanced technology, affiliates can find the programs and options at CommissionSoup to make their marketing efforts a success. We work with many well-respected companies throughout the country and the world. Our strong and knowledgeable staff develops our proprietary tracking technology and user interfaces. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive quality control and excellent customer service. We provide specialized creatives and marketing text for high conversions and merchant programs reach a targeted audience through a cost-effective, consumer-friendly, no-hassle environment.

Corporate Office
P.O. Box 463
114 North Egan Avenue
Madison, SD 57042

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