Common Questions & Work From Home Tips

Common Questions & Work From Home Tips

Q. Can anyone work from home?

No! Not everyone has the personality, skills or work style to successfully work from home. You must have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. You must be resourceful, highly motivated and able to work independently. If you require consistent direction and feedback, then working from home probably isn't ideal for you.

Q. How can I find a legitimate home-based opportunity? There are so many options, I don't know where to start.

There are several great ways to find full time and freelance openings.

Work from home opportunities: We've compiled a list to help you get started. Only you can decide what's right for you, but this page is a good place to start.

Job Boards: All the big job boards— , , —feature an abundance of postings for home-based positions. and pull from a variety of sources. The key is to use the words "virtual" or "home-based" when you're searching. Don't get fooled by ads or postings that sound too good to be true. Before you're quick to pay $20 to learn how to make $1,500 a week, ask yourself if such an offer could really be true. We've yet to find one that pans out.

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