CompuChild Technology Education Franchise
CompuChild Technology Education Franchise

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Founded in 1994, CompuChild is a leader in technology education for young children. Together with our independently owned franchise territories located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, CompuChild is dedicated to preparing young children for the academic challenges of tomorrow through computer technology education today.

The CompuChild enrichment program enables day care centers and preschools to provide computer education to their students without lifting a finger. They simply provide a classroom and CompuChild does the rest. We offer tremendous added value to the curriculum offered by our client centers. Parents enjoy the opportunity to provide their children with important technology education in an environment that promotes and encourages learning.

If you are interested in learning more about our enrichment program and how YOU can become a CompuChild Program Director, click on Franchise Info. or call 1-800-619-KIDS.

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Because becoming a CompuChild franchisee requires certain financial resources and skills, we have established general requirements to begin the qualification process that can lead to awarding you a franchise. As you learn more information about CompuChild, we will also being learning more about you to make sure there is a good fit. Fortunately for you, we offer a low-cost franchise opportunity.

In the November 2008 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, they identified a limited number of franchises available for less than $25,000 to start. We are proud to be included on this list. Our initial franchise fee is only $17,500. In some rural areas of the country, we offer a mini-territory for $12,500. We look forward to working with you to ensure your success.

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