Copley Focus Centers
Copley Focus Centers,
20 Park Plaza, Suite 620,
Boston, MA 02116

T: 617-421-4444

Our Mission: From the beginning, Copley Focus Centers intended to offer a unique experience. We never wanted to be and strive not to become a "typical" market research company. The CFC team is not afraid to try new research methods and encourage our clients to take advantage of our creativity. By focusing on strong recruiting, unique strategies and nurturing our relationships with our clients, we aspire to become the largest and most respected facility in downtown Boston.

Copley Focus Centers is staffed with true local Bostonians. We consistently recruit the best consumers, business-to-business professionals, and medical executives in our market.

As Boston’s leader in qualitative research, we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and deliver accordingly. As we gather feedback and process criticism constructively, we only continue to improve. CFC knows exactly what our clients are looking for and understands the importance of your research. Explore each section of our site below to learn more about Copley Focus Centers.

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