Copywriting Jobs: Can You Learn Copywriting Skills and Sell?

Copywriting Jobs: Can You Learn Copywriting Skills and Sell?
by Angela Booth
January 29, 2009

Can YOU get copywriting jobs? Copywriters are well paid, and if you’ve been wondering whether you can learn copywriting skills and make an excellent income, we’ll discuss what you need for success in this article.

In 20 years of teaching copywriting, I’ve always said that anybody who can write a letter can write copy. This is true. Let’s see why.

1. Desire to Learn and Continually Improve
Becoming a well-paid copywriter starts with your desire. You have to want to do it. The desire to want to write copy is usually a pretty good guide that the person who has the desire can actually learn to write copy.

In addition to wanting to spend your life writing copy, you need the desire to keep learning and to continually improve. Your clients are depending on you to make sales. Often hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions, of dollars have been spent on creating products and you’re responsible for writing copy which sells them.

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