Cosmotech School of Cosmetology

Cosmotech School of Cosmetology
39 Mechanic Street
Westbrook, Maine 04092
Phone: 207.591.4122
Fax: 207.591.4124­

Cosmotech School of Cosmetology combines the art of creating the image of beauty and style while preparing you to become professional, marketable and salon ready.

Our training provides each participant with the tools to develop necessary skills and advance professional growth.

Each subject is taught utilizing a variety of systems, including academic and hands-on, allowing you to develop confidence so you can actually "do" what you learn with confidence.

This bold approach to education addresses all aspects of salon needs and mandates for successfully stepping into the future.

Cosmotech: A total concept for career success...
To fully realize your potential as a creative artist, it is important that you become proficient in technical skills, creative in artistic perception, and confident in your attitude toward your work. These three qualities: proficiency, creativity and self confidence, when recognized by your clientele, will inspire a confidence on their part, which in turn, will dramatically increase your income potential."

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