Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Franchise

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Franchise

About Us
Since 1985, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System™ has provided cleaner and healthier work environments for a wide variety of over 50,000 customers through our 90 Support Centers and more then 9,000 Franchisees making Coverall one of the largest global commercial cleaning franchising companies.

Our success is the result of our innovative Health-Based Cleaning System™ which includes scientifically developed products and methods that target and eliminate harmful pathogens, cutting edge technology designed to remove soil and matter and ongoing training of our Franchise Owners making “science” an actionable solution for our customers’ facilities.

Thousands of satisfied customers occupying millions of square feet are proof that when it comes to value, quality and responsiveness, Coverall is your best partner for a ensuring a healthier environment that adds value to your business. Learn more about our Health-Based Cleaning for Commercial facilities or our Healthcare Environmental Services Program now!

The Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System™ is leading the way to move the commercial cleaning industry forward with Health-Based Cleaning Professionals who have the opportunity and responsibility to impact the health and safety of our communities.


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