Coyle Hospitality Group
Coyle Hospitality Group

About Us
Our mission is to provide measurement tools that enable hotels and restaurants to exceed their service and profit objectives.

Based in New York City since 1996, Coyle Hospitality Group (ìCHGî) is a market leader providing mystery shopping and brand quality assurance services exclusively to hotels, restaurants and spas worldwide. Services include:

Hotel, Restaurant, and Spa Quality Assurance

o ResQore
o InnsQore
o SpasQore
o Specialized research

CHGís mystery shopping data is delivered to clients online via our proprietary SQL database that enables:

* Client-driven set-up and output
* On-the-spot trending analysis
* Customized roll-up reporting
* Multiple brand platforms
* Dynamic archiving (reports, pictures and recordings)

All you need is a web browser to have access to any part of any report at any time.
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