Creative Marketing Solutions Affiliate Program

Creative Marketing Solutions Affiliate Program

About Master Marketer Marcia Yudkin
From the launch of her writing career in the New York Times in 1981 to today's recognition as one of the world's top creative marketing experts, Marcia Yudkin has excelled at turning words and ideas into money.

Her 11 books include 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper, Web Site Marketing Makeover, Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year and Freelance Writing for Magazines & Newspapers, a Book of the Month Club selection. Her articles have appeared in hundreds of magazines, including the New York Times Magazine, TWA Ambassador, USAir Magazine and Business 2.0. She has been featured in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business96, Business99, Home Office Computing, Working Woman, Women in Business, dozens of newspapers throughout the world and four times in the Sunday Boston Globe.

Her Marketing Minute segment aired for more than a year on WABU TV, and she has delivered commentaries on WBUR in Boston and National Public Radio. For eight years running, she has served as an official site reviewer for the Webby Awards and has helped judge the Inc. Magazine Small Business Web Awards.

After 17 years of serving clients amidst the big-city bustle of Boston, Marcia moved in 2002 to the woods of Western Massachusetts, where she works with business owners and marketers around the world via phone and satellite Internet. In her spare time, she serves her community as director of Goshen, Massachusetts’ one-room library, helping to make it a welcoming center for intellectual stimulation and discussion.

She holds three Ivy League degrees, including a Ph.D. in the humanities, and has taught writing at Boston University, Babson College, the New England School of Law and Holyoke Community College.

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