Crowleys Ridge Technical Institute
Crowleys Ridge Technical Institute
P.O. Box 925
Forrest City, AR 72336
870-633-5411 or 800-842-2317

The mission of the Cosmetology Program at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute is to provide a competently trained Cosmetologist capable of seeking employment in the workforce and to further strengthen the basic, occupational, and technical skills required to become economically self-sufficient. Upon completion of the program, the students are prepared to take the Arkansas Board of Cosmetology Exam.
Length of Program: 53 Weeks 1,590 Clock Hours
Approximate Cost of Books & Supplies: $700.00
Enrollment Limitation: 25 Students

Cosmetologists work with people to improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. They may suggest what kind of hair style a man or woman should have. They also provide many other beauty services such as shaping eyebrows and eyelashes and giving facial massages.

To be a licensed Cosmetologist, a student must attend 1500 clock hours and pass the AR State Board or Cosmetology exam. To become a certified cosmetology instructor a student must present a valid Arkansas Cosmetology License and attend 600 additional clock hours within a period not less than four months.

A minimum average score of 35 on the ASSET is required to enter this program. This class is limited to 25 students per enrollment period.

This class may be entered in the Fall or Spring semesters.

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