Customer Loyalty Concepts

Customer Loyalty Concepts

Customer Loyalty Concepts, Incorporated
We are a virtual company with all employees, including managers and owners, working from their homes across more than twenty-six states. The only brick and mortar location is leased space in a commercial data center that provides 24/7 power, servicing and multiple telecommunications channels. This provides us the security and reliability we feel is needed to serve clients. Our agent software and backroom operations utilize proprietary technology. We guarantee that we will always be on-line and able to hear and respond to your customerís ìHelloî.

Our goal is to partner with clients. Our preference is long term and consistent work so we can build the expertise and knowledge to best represent your message. However, we also successfully complete many one-time campaigns and pride ourselves on our ability to cater to the different needs of each individual client. With that in mind, please do discuss ALL opportunities with us.

As part of their due diligence, prospective clients ask how we differ from other telemarketing companies and we respond by saying...

* We are client focused and you will discover that we are very responsive to your needs. CLC desires to become a valuable partner.
* We employ home based agents who can hold intelligent conversations with your current or potential clients and this will enhance your relationship. It is not a call center environment and your clients or prospective clients will not hear the call center background noise. It is a more personal contact.
* We will quickly respond to campaign changes under your direction.
* We give you the kinds of data you need to manage your market, to monitor your employees/partners and to evaluate our performance. Our reporting capability is robust and we can customize to meet your needs.
* We are price competitive and clients remain with us for a long time because we also generate great value.
* Above all else, we are accountable and ethical in all business matters.

We are always grateful when prospective clients request references.

Customer Loyalty Concepts, Incorporated
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