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Vision & Company History
Customer Service Experts, Inc. (CSE) was created with a vision to improve the customer experience by focusing on the employee and its direct link to customer satisfaction. With more than 20 years of top corporate and management experience in sales, hospitality and retail, CSE is a team of dedicated and experienced customer service professionals. CSE's service driven employees are known for their fun, energetic and team oriented culture, focused on building and developing client relationships.

CSE's customer service model helps clients improve service from "the inside out" with a primary focus on frontline employees and managers as the key determinants of customer service success. The foundation of this strategy is that the employee experience is paramount. How companies hire, train and prepare staff for the first frontline touch point is crucial to their overall customer service index. The CSE service development model is a five step process, utilizing a variety of customized resources tailored to each client's service objectives.

Founded in 1993 by President & CEO Lise D'Andrea (click for bio), CSE is located in historic Annapolis, MD serving clients in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Centralized Services

All components of CSE's customized service development strategies are completed in-house including the recruitment, scheduling and training of all CSEvaluators, editing of evaluations, results delivery, reporting, consulting, training, publications and more. All functions are centralized, thus creating efficiency, cost savings, accuracy and a seamless experience for our clients. This full service approach allows clients to work with one company that can deliver a variety of service development methods.
Quality Assurance and Service Guarantee.

Quality control at CSE begins with our commitment to "practicing what we preach" when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. CSE stands behind every evaluation conducted, as well as every training program, consulting service and publication we offer with our quality guarantee.

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