CyberCart Enterprises

CyberCart Enterprises
Rest assured that when you deal with CyberCart, you will have the benefit of working with a small company, and the reliability that bigger companies have to offer. We take electronic commerce seriously and feel that our software will help you grow your companies presence on the Web.

CyberCart is a flexible and powerful multi-merchant shopping cart written in Perl. Merchants can create shopable web pages where customers can add items to their cart, check out, provide their shipping and billing information in a secure environment, and receive an email receipt of their purchases. Credit cards can be processed in real-time using one of the many credit card processing companies such as Authorizenet, LinkPoint, or Verisign.

CyberCart is designed for web designers, internet service providers, and web savvy merchants. The multi-merchant nature allows the owner of CyberCart to run an unlimited number of merchants through one copy of the scripts. Each merchant can be configured independently and each merchant has their own secure administrative interface.

CyberCart is a very powerful, flexible, and secure shopping cart that has been continually developed since the beginning of E-Commerce on the web. Many of the features of CyberCart were developed and implemented at the request of clients.

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