DIGIKIDS Franchise Opportunity
DIGIKIDS Franchise Opportunity

"In about the time it takes to read this page, two more children will be reported lost, missing or separated from their parents in the United States."

Authorities everywhere ask parents to carry child identification designed to help police find missing children.

With more than 2,200 children reported lost or missing each day in the United States, these experts know that access to quality photos and accurate descriptions in the first 20 minutes are key to a safe and speedy recovery.

Many parents already carry a traditional photo ID card, but these cards alone can't provide law enforcement with the tools they need to begin a search for, or find a missing child. Especially in that critical first 20-minutes following a disappearance.

To speed the response in any lost or missing child emergency, we started from scratch to develop the most advanced and effective child safety ID available today - using up-to-date, digital technology.

To reach our goals we had a lot of must haves, but there were five that we absolutely would not compromise on:

* First, it had to be digital so everything could be immediately transmitted to authorities;
* There could be absolutely no database of the children - either created or stored;
* The ID must be completed and delivered onsite - nothing ever taken offsite for processing;
* It had to be easy to carry - and easy to use almost anywhere;
* And finally, it had to be affordable.

During the two-year development stage we sought input from law enforcement agencies, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC.org) and other child advocacy organizations, and then we used that well-researched information to develop our own proprietary software and high-tech system like no other in the child ID industry.

We developed patent-pending solutions that include NDB2 Technology; a fail safe method to ensure that no database of any child is ever created, an SMTP eMail Program that routes emergency email and attachments through a dedicated network so that it is not mistaken for SPAM and rejected, and a high-tech portable studio that allows us to create, manufacture and deliver the ID Card and business card size CD onsite in about two minutes. From start to finish!

Thanks to a lot of no compromise dedication from some very exceptional people, we have quickly built a reputation for safe, confidential and highly effective child safety ID.

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in DIGIKIDS and invite you to contact me directly if you have any questions about our revolutionary program, or to learn how you can become part of the DIGIKIDS team helping parents protect their children.

With DIGIKIDS you will enjoy:
* Low Start Up Costs - Large, all inclusive territories only $28,700.
* Very Low Overhead - Work from an office in your home.
* Great Earnings Potential - 60 million children need our service.
* The Freedom to Set Your Own Schedule
Enjoy a business that works for you.

Michael J. Childs

1-888-DIGIKIDS (344-4543)

Corporate Office
Fort Worth, TX

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1-888-DIGIKIDS Ext 1

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