DOVE Chocolate Discoveries, Become a Chocolatier
DOVE Chocolate Discoveries, Become a Chocolatier

At DOVE Chocolate Discoveries, our mission is to create small moments of joy around the pleasure of chocolate. We are committed to provide opportunities for people to build independent rewarding careers that can be balanced with a rich family life and benefit the individual, the family, our customers and our company.

The DOVE Chocolate Discoveries business was launched in 2007 by Mars, Inc. Our Corporate headquarters is a spacious newly-constructed 20,000-square-foot facility in the scenic countryside of Mt. Arlington, NJ. It's state of the art with a Chocolatier training center, a test-kitchen designed by the Culinary Institute of America and an 80-seat conference center. Key Chocolatiers are regularly invited in for training and brain-storming sessions. They also serve as tasting advisors when our expert chefs show off their latest chocolate inspirations.

you call. they answer.

Our on-site Customer Service staff is trained to answer any questions and offer helpful advice about everything from products to process to the latest test-kitchen recipes. They're here to offer support and empower you to build your business with DOVE Chocolate Discoveries.

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