DVDNow Rental Kiosk Opportunity
DVD Now Rental Kiosk Opportunity

About Us
Automated DVD rental terminals have all but replaced traditional video rental stores in Europe and are rapidly appearing in communities across the United States. DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. has developed the finest automated DVD rental terminal available today. Our terminals provide consumers with a fast, efficient and convenient way to rent the hottest DVD's and Video Games. DVDNow is uniquely positioned to assist entrepreneurs build networks of automated DVD rental terminals and ride the wave as DVD terminals take the North American market by storm. Our strategy is to build a nationwide network of DVD automated rental kiosks using a combination of corporately owned and independently operated terminals.

DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.
50 Fell Ave, Suite 202
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3S2
Sales : (877) 849-4272
Support : (877) 849-4272
Fax : (604) 608-9595

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