Devon Hill Associates

Devon Hill Associates

Leading the way in hospital and healthcare mystery shopping is Barbara Gerber, president of Devon Hill Associates of La Jolla, California.
Her unique Secret Patient service has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Los Angeles Times, as well as numerous other newspapers, Trustee magazine, California Medicine, Health Care Forum Journal, Group Practice Journal — and other national and industry publications.

Devon Hill Associates harnesses the research power of mystery shopping to evaluate service performance in hospitals and health care organizations — and the marketing effectiveness of long-term care organizations. By identifying and monitoring barriers to good service and marketing, Devon Hill Associates helps hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and nursing homes increase business and satisfaction. Whether you're in the health care or long-term care business...

Our Mystery Shopping Helps You
* Improve the care and treatment of patients
* Determine why you may be losing business
* Identify marketing, sales and service problems
* Plan training for staff
* Identify the need for diversity training
* Show patients, residents and the community that you're truly interested in
their satisfaction
* Troubleshoot problems in the candidate applications and interview process

Other Marketing Services for Healthcare/Retirement Communities/
Assisted Living/Nursing Homes

Since 1987, Devon Hill Associates has also offered other specialized marketing services to hospitals, clinics, retirement communities, assisted living communities and nursing homes.
* Market assessments
* Marketing and public relations audits
* Sales training and sales planning
* New service development
* Complete marketing campaigns

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