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Digital Research, Inc. (DRI) is a full-service marketing research firm serving some of the world's largest corporations in a variety of industries. Our culture focuses on adaptability, innovation, responsive service and an attitude of partnership. We provide insights, expertise and implications-based analysis. Our capabilities span all data collection methods, both qualitative and quantitative.

We are committed to being at the forefront of technology, and have twice been honored with the EXPLOR Award. DRI also believes in the power of consumer connection. As such, we maintain a number of proprietary customer panels and communities for our client partners. In short, we provide unique perspectives in marketing research.

Our mission is:

* To offer a complete range of primary research services that assist our clients in developing effective decision-support systems.

* To employ the most advanced, innovative research techniques in the collection and analysis of reliable primary data.

* To present data to our clients in a clear, actionable format, and in a timely manner.

* To respect the privacy and anonymity of the survey respondents who volunteer to participate in our research, and to respect the confidential nature of our clients' business planning.

* To provide a workplace that promotes integrity, skill, commitment, and productivity, and to communicate with our colleagues, clients and survey respondents with honesty, respect and candor.

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