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DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions provides a Full Service Data Management bureau to all our clients. We are committed to finding the right solution for your companyís needs. We are dedicated to staying constantly in touch with todayís technological changes and the ever-increasing demands of our clients.

When we first began in 1999 DionData Solutions, skillfully exceeding larger companies, became one of the first companies to provide research and data entry services to an Internet based company who provided information on current and upcoming products for sale and comparison-shopping. Innovative ideas included researching retailers with the ability to separate and compare sales data to avoid duplications. Enlisting mailing services in various cities to provide circulars, fliers and hard copy newspaper advertising as requested by the client. We were successful in initiating arrangements with local stores to collect information before the data is made available to the general public.

DionData Solutions utilized In-House staff along with Independent Remote Home Contracted Vendors for fulfilling real time data entry needs around the clock. In-house and remote home contracted professional workers were engaged throughout the United States to key, scan and transmit data.

As DionData Solutions progressed, carrying along with it our innovational ideas and concepts, we have ascended further into the business environment to procure a client base that includes fulfilling the current Data Management requests of insurance companies, state governments, medical and Medicare claims processing, and subscription fulfillment in addition to a variety of warranty and business applications.

What is an Independent Remote Home Contracted Vendor?
ìAn Independent Remote Home Contracted Vendor (IRHCV) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional IRHCV assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis."

With over 44 million people working remotely, the Remote Home Contracted Vendor revolution is here to stay. Workforce mobility and flexibility makes it easy and secure for people to work anywhere, anytime, across the Internet, from any device.

Distributed networks of remote and home-based Contracted Vendors offer clear advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar centers, including higher and more consistent service levels, a larger pool of highly skilled professionals, and a significant decrease in overall cost.

Our home-based professionals run their own individual home-based businesses using a PC and Internet connection in their homes according to their own schedules. They are therefore invested in providing a high level of service. Professional men and women bring with them the education and proven skills they have been accomplishing from previous employment within a wide scope of services through many diverse companies. Home-based Professionals are more mature and more experienced than traditional home based operators, which leads to a better prospect experience, and ultimately, higher conversion rates. Our proprietary technology platform enables them to provide immediate, superior service to our clients. The combination of our high-caliber operators, large-scale service, and revolutionary technology platform sets DionData Solutions apart from our competitors in the current billion dollar outsourced market.

A home-based Operator that is part of their own business while working from home is less isolated than one sitting in a row of cubicles.

The more engaged an Operator is, the more likely they are to be available to work. Serious, experienced people, who want to work, work better. If you tell people they can work whenever, wherever and as much as they want, they will love their jobs.

With our Remote Home Contracted Vendors, you don't have to get extra equipment, office space, train them or offer benefits. Our team, be it In-House staff or Remote Home Contracted Vendors, are built around your demands, so we can respond to them quickly.

When you say to an Independent Remote Home Contracted Vendor, 'Watch the bottom line,' who better to understand that than another business owner? Remote Home Contracted Vendors aim to please because their business depends on it.

DionData Solutions appreciates how Remote Home Contracted Vendors feel about their business and what they contribute. They're genuinely interested in how you're doing.

We maintain both In-House and Remote Home Contracted Vendors in order to produce top quality data entry services and solutions to every client requisite. We urge you to review our services and see what DionData Solutions can do to benefit your company and save you time and money.

We recognize information is valuable only if available on a timely basis and of the highest level of proficiency. DionData Solutions is successful in meeting client requirements of quality and timeliness. We received top ratings and awards from our clients for precision with data volume increases, with a 24-hour or less turnaround, exceeding client expectations. Our 24-hour, 7 days a week production environment, enables us to efficiently process data for clients from any time zone.

We are devoted to all our clients by providing services that meet the ever-increasing challenges they face. Experience to pilot your systems, applications, and data management needs, and then employ methodologies to successfully deploy a solution that is right for your business.

DionData Solutions
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