Discovery Toys Business Opportunity
Discovery Toys Business Opportunity

Imagine if you could own a business that not only brought you financial achievement, but also inspired children to learn and grow through play.

As a Discovery Toys Consultant, You Decide What’s Right for You and Your Family.
Be your own boss and set your own schedule while inspiring children to learn and grow through play. If you think you want to become a part of the Discovery Toys family, here’s what’s waiting for you:

* Earn an Income
Our Educational Consultants are earning loads of cash in their first three months with our easy-to-track Success Start Rewards program – imagine all you can do with extra cash for the holidays now and into the New Year ahead! We have a new compensation program, too, Own the OpportunityTM, designed to give you valuable rewards and an ongoing income as you sell products, recruit team members, and promote in title. Sell more, build a team, earn more!

* Gain Recognition and Inspire Others
We’re proud of our Educational Consultants’ accomplishments! Your motivation and business successes earn you the well-deserved recognition of your peers and the Discovery Toys company. When you join the DT family, you’ll work with our Chairman and Senior Management Team. Look for weekly Chairman Challenges that can earn you exciting rewards such as a beautiful dinner for two including the night’s babysitting fees for your children, exclusive luxury events plus extra cash rewards!

* Get Professional Training
When you join Discovery Toys, you are assigned to a group of nearby Educational Consultants that act as your sisterhood and can help answer any questions you may have; additionally you will have access to step-by-step training videos, guides and conference call recordings to get up to speed with the business tools you’ll need most. We’ll walk you through every phase of starting and running your business, so you can quickly achieve your goals!

* Make Long-Lasting Friendships
The most important ingredient to success with Discovery Toys, and perhaps the most rewarding, is building your own team. Not only will you enjoy financial success, you will meet wonderful people in the process! Enjoy building your business now and making money while surrounding yourself with people, like You.

* Earn Amazing Vacations
Experience fabulous trips and great destinations with your spouse, children or friends. Right now, our team of Educational Consultants are all working hard to qualify for our upcoming Discovery Toys Incentive Trip to dazzling Puerto Rico; don’t miss out on your opportunity to go on next year’s trip!

* Represent Valuable Learning Toys for Children
You will be involved in a unique business: No other company in the marketplace can match the quality, safety standards and lifetime guarantee of our learning toy products. At the same time, you will have an important impact on children’s lives everywhere.

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