Do Well by Doing Good

Do Well by Doing Good
By Marcia Layton Turner
April 01, 2007

Sure, you can make money on eBay--but did you know you can make a difference, too? eBay makes it easy and rewarding to give back to the community.

At some point in our lives, we've all bought Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn, volunteered to work at a local charity event, dropped off old clothing at the local Salvation Army or donated money to a special cause. For many of us, lending a hand or a dollar to a needy organization makes us feel good.

Fortunately, donating through eBay is yet another way to support a cause or organization you appreciate--and expand your eBay sales at the same time. eBay has developed a number of initiatives that connect nonprofits with their supporters. In addition, eBay buyers and sellers have also come up with their own ways of offering support.

eBay Giving Works
In an effort to make it easy for buyers and sellers to do business while supporting their favorite charities, eBay developed the eBay Giving Works program in 2003. "It's our dedicated program for charity listings on eBay," says Kristin Cunningham, general manager of eBay Giving Works.

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