About Us
Since 2000, DoodyCalls has provided year round professional pet waste removal service to residential yards, apartment communities, and Home Owner Associations (HOA). In 2004 we launched the first national pet waste removal franchise of it's kind.

Not only is dog waste messy, unsightly, smelly, and bothersome, but it also creates a serious health hazard if not dealt with properly. Worms and viruses such as roundworm, ringworm, whip worm, and the deadly parvo virus are all transmitted through dog feces.

We will rid your property of offensive, unsightly, and dangerous dog waste.

Find out how to take the problem of pet waste out of your hands and put it into ours.

114 4th Street SE, Suite A
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 1.800.366.3922
Fax: 703.995.0601

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