Dove Chocolate Discoveries - Become a Chocolatier
Dove Chocolate Discoveries - Become a Chocolatier

eat chocolate. make friends. make $$.
HAVE A PASSION FOR CHOCOLATE? Now you can have a DOVE Chocolate DiscoveriesTM Tasting party and invite your friends to try deliciously decadent new ways to enjoy everyone's favorite flavor. From chocolate smoothies and martinis to 5-minute chocolate mousse, a Chocolatier will help you discover a whole new world of chocolate and a whole new way to make money.

What's a chocolatier?
The sweetest career you'll ever have.
A Chocolatier gives out chocolate. People smile. They eat, smile some more. Then they buy some chocolate. It's almost that simple. A Chocolatier asks a friend to be a hostess and invite people to a Chocolate Tasting party. In our experience, there's an overwhelming "yes!" as soon as chocolate is mentioned.

A Chocolatier learns about her chocolate. A little history: Montezuma drank it. Some fun facts: Napoleon required chocolate (as well as wine) for his soldiers. A Chocolatier provides a little chocolate entertainment like dipping some strawberries, passing around the Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cranberries, and if you're really adventurous, shaking up some Chocolate Martini Mix. It's up to you. Whatever you decide, you'll be the most popular person at the party!

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