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Dropship Auction Plan
The "Dropship Auction Plan" does not provide you with your own website but instead you will receive a membership to our website where you will place your orders once you sold our products on eBay.

You can sell as many products as you want and you will have our permission to use our product images should you choose to do so.

Once you have sold our product(s) on eBay, simply collect the money from your eBay customer and then login to our wholesale store and place an order for the same product. You will be charged the lowest wholesale price so you will make a profit between the price you sold the item and the price we will charge you.

During the checkout process, please make sure to use your customer's shipping address. We will ship the item directly to your customer on your behalf.

You will need to charge your customer the shipping and handling cost which you can get from the detail page of any of our products. You can charge them less or more, it's really up to you. You can also sell the item at the price of your choice, as long as in the end you make a profit after paying us the price of the item plus the shipping and handling cost.

Once your order is entered and paid for, you will receive a notification from your website when the order is placed to confirm your transaction.

You and your buyer will also receive a notification from your website as soon as we enter the UPS tracking code. This YOU and your CUSTOMER will both be kept informed of the progress of your order.

In case of returns, simply notify us and we will work with you on how to handle returns. We will never leave you hanging without assistance. Since it is our reputation that is on the line with the vendors, we have as much interest as you to keep the vendors and the customers happy.

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