Duraclean Franchise Opportunity
Duraclean Franchise Opportunity

Today our initial package for a new Duraclean Franchise includes four major services:
- Mold Remediation
- Water Restoration
- Carpet & Rug Cleaning
- Upholstery Cleaning

As it became more and more apparent that the mitigation of the interior structure and contents of business and homes affected by floods and minor water damage could save insurance companies tens of millions of dollars; Duraclean added "Water Restoration" in 1984.

Research revealed a growing need for trained environmental specialists to remediate mold in office complexes, hotels, government buildings, and residences throughout the United States and we responded by adding "Mold Remediation" to Duraclean Services in 2000.

Both Water Restoration and Mold Remediation are recession proof services dealing with the insurance and real estate markets.

Carpet and rug cleaning is the foundation of your cash flow to assist you in growing your business. The more dollars you can produce in the residential market the more C.O.D. business you will experience.

Learning how to can for fine carpeting plus antique Persian and Oriental Rugs will go a long way in establishing you as an expert with the insurance industry in water damage situations.

Upholstery cleaning has always been a great add-on and door opening service, great for demonstrations. This service increases your average size job and with the cost of today's fuel this is obviously an important value.

It is one thing to say you offer a service and another to say you are proficient in it. This is where Duraclean separates from the competition. The real "Duraclean Difference" involves a training and ongoing support like no other in the industry. Your initial franchise package includes 10 days of intense classroom and hands-on training of the marketing, management, and technical skills necessary to pilot a successful Duraclean business.

Initial investment figures not available
Do I have to pay a Royalty?
ANSWER: Yes, a percentage of your success, called a royalty, is calculated twice monthly. It is a declining amount, the more successful you are the less the percentage. For example, when you reach the $100,000 level your annual percentage is 7.4%, at $150, 000 it is reduced to 6.7% and at $250,000 it will be 5.6%. This decline in the percentage continues because at these levels most of your revenue is calculated at 4%.

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Arlington Heights, IL 60004
800-251-7070 (phone)
847-704-7101 (fax)

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