E-Biz Outlet E-store kits

E-Biz Outlet E-store kits

E-store Engine
The most important part of e-commerce website is a web application that includes: shopping cart, database-driven catalog of your products and Control Panel for managing / updating products, customers orders, automatic real-time transactions, security issues, etc. Building such a thing from scratch is a very expensive job. It can cost you thousands of dollars and might take a lot of time to accomplish. There are some companies that offer a build-in ecommerce web service with above mentioned features, for instance Microsoft bCentral or Monster Commerce. But major problems with all of them are:

* It gets really expensive in a long-time perspective (monthly fee, service fees).
* You cannot control your own business if somebody owns the crucial part of it.
* You cannot improve, upgrade, implement new features or move your e-commerce website to other web hosting company.
* You can not go away with your store - you are bound to them forever!

We offer totally reliable, inexpensive and absolutely independent solutions: E-Store Kits (shopping carts) without any kind of monthly fees. Take control of your ecommerce business back in your own hands!

* Choose any payment processor you like.
* Choose any web hosting company you like.
* Choose any web design/layout/skin for your web-store or design your own.
* Maintain and update your web-store without any web programming skills.
* If you need to add some extra or custom features - please do not hesitate to contact us - we are ready to do it for a reasonably small price.
* Enjoy true freedom and flexibility of ecommerce business.

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