E-Typist Transcription
E-Typist Transcription

Internet-based Legal Transcription

After a 25-year career that included working for attorneys in private practice, municipal court judges, and as business manager for her church, Vivian decided to stay home and launch E-Typist Legal Transcription. Armed with little more than a website, her office experience, and a prosperity consciousness, in five years she has grown the business to serve more than 100 clients and employs 20 typists on a full and part time basis.

At the outset, E-Typist utilized Metroscript, a reliable transcription application service provider, and for five years Metroscript kept pace with the growing demand for E-Typist's transcription services. In 2010 Vivian made a decision to partner with ChartNet Technologies to better manage the steady growth and take E-Typist to the next level.

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E-Typist Transcription
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