Elite Office Solutions, Inc.

Elite Office Solutions, Inc.

Our Office Is Your Office
Elite Office Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned and independent company providing professional transcription services to the medical, legal, and corporate communities nationwide. Since 1986, we have built a reputation as one of the industry leaders, offering accurate transcription services and document management, fast turnaround, and unmatched client service. We believe in one-on-one relationships, customizing a document management solution that adapts to your workflow, not vice-versa.

Services and Solutions To Make Your Life Easier
Elite offers several timesaving solutions including customized formats and a designated team of transcriptionists who get to know you and your preferences. We also continually strive to make the process easier for you with state-of-the-art dictation and transcription retrieval systems that you can access from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Most importantly, you will enjoy working with the Elite team. All work is produced in the United States, not outsourced overseas, and only qualified Elite team members work on your files. Our employees are trained to meet all service requirements, and our medical services are HIPAA compliant.

And if you ever have a question about your transcription or your account, you will speak directly to a manager on our Quality Assurance Team to make sure you are helped promptly and to your satisfaction.

Personalized Document Management 'Virtually' in the Next Office
Elite functions as an extension of your office no matter where you are located. Secure Internet or direct-line connections, secure e-mail delivery, toll-free dictation, user-friendly interfaces - we are 'virtually' just down the hall. We accept most forms of media, and digital files can be uploaded to our secure FTP site for immediate transcription processing. Save time and headaches by outsourcing your transcription to the professionals: Elite Office Solutions --- your transcription solution!

For more information about our services and how we can improve your document management, call toll-free: 800-977-TYPE (8973). Find out why we are Elite!

You can also find out more about our Medical, Legal, and Corporate transcription services.

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