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ElizaJ Franchising

About Us
InEliza Kendall 1997, after more than 7 years in the special event business we realized that there was a continual need for attractive deliverable restrooms where a woman could feel comfortable in a formal dress and sit without wincing.

Our entire business is focused on quality products and first-rate customer service. Caterers, rental companies, and others alike, know that when they call or refer us to serve their valued customers we come through.... each and every time. Over the years the ElizaJ® name (formerly Leave it to Liza®) has become synonymous with high quality and dedicated service. When my signature is on the restroom unit you know that you have the original.

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# How much does an ElizaJ® Franchise Cost?
Estimated costs can range from $34,472 - $134,005 depending on the size of your territory and the exact equipment buying, leasing, or loan options you select.

# What are the franchise fees?
Franchise Fees are determined by territory size.
Silver - 500,000 population - $22,500
Gold - 750,000 population - $31,500
Platinum - 1,000,000 population - $38,500

Contact us at:
P.O. Box 99
Harwich, MA 02645
Tel: 800.437.1139 / 508.430.0037
Fax: 508.430.2718
Email: ekendall@elizaj.com
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