Energy Audit Institute
Energy Audit Institute

About The Energy Audit Institute
The Energy Audit Institute is an affordable energy efficiency training and energy audit company. Our energy training services are specifically designed to help people start a new "Green" career in the energy field without spending a large amount of time or money in the process.

EAI Training Programs
All our materials are developed, written and/or approved by a Certified Energy Manager with a LEED AP designation. All of our energy program materials are custom written and are filled with our experience and wisdom. Our unique insight will provide you with a competitive advantage over your competitors because you will understand what works and what doesn't in the arena of energy auditing.

Energy Audit Institute Mission Statement
The mission of The Energy Audit Institute is to reduce wasted energy in the world. We accomplish our mission through innovative idea and solution generation that reduces hurdles and opens doors which have typically prevented many people from getting started in energy efficiency. Our intent is not just to help individuals build successful careers and help them make money, but to make the world a better place than the way we found it.

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Sally McDonald says: 2010-08-03 11:49:50
I wasn''t sure which energy audit training course to take. I called and talked to Mack and he was very helpful and nice. Not only did he explain about the courses at the Energy Audit Institute but helped me create a great strategy for my new business. If you''re serious about get started in energy auditing - talk to Mack - he''s the best!

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