Enviro-Tech Pest Services Franchise

Enviro-Tech Pest Services Franchise

About Us
Established in 1985, Enviro-Tech® Pest Services is among the top 15% of pest management companies nationally. How was this success possible? Enviro-Tech Pest Services recognizes that once a pest problem arises, most of those affected seek solutions that will not cause harm to their children, family members with health problems, their pets, or the environment. Enviro-Tech Pest Services builds strong, long-term business based partnerships with customers because we share that focus. We seek to customize a pest solution with the lowest impact on non-targets, utilizing Integrated Pest Management and judicious use of pesticides.

Enviro-Tech Pest Services’ outstanding focus on customer satisfaction and environmental consciousness reflects the core values of their parent company, Green Brands LLC. Embracing the challenge of exceeding expectation, Green Brands LLC provides entrepreneurs and existing service companies with a brand and system to grow and promote their business with a focus on environmental sustainability, profitability, and customer service.

Investment & cost FAQ
How much does an Enviro-Tech Pest Services franchise cost to open?
We charge an initial franchise fee of $24,500 (the first five will pay only $19,500). As operating expenses, $13,000 - $25,000 should be available in accessible funds to cover the start-up and growth phase. We estimate that most franchisees will initially spend between $37,500 and $57,000 to have a buffer for success.

What are the ongoing costs of a franchise?
Like all franchises, there is a monthly royalty fee that contributes to the successful management of the franchise organization. We charge a declining royalty that rewards your success. You will pay 7% of the first $200,000 total gross receipts of your business annually; 6% of the next $200,000; and 5% of all annual sales in excess of $400,000.

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Enviro-Tech® Pest Services
Corporate Headquarters
201 E Potomac Street
Brunswick, MD 21716

Phone: 800-434-7360
Fax: 888-797-4009

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