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Welcome to FiltaFry
FiltaFry provides a mobile on-site service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil, the vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and full fryer management to restaurants, hotels, airports... in fact, wherever food is fried.

FiltaFry franchises are now in over 40 US states!

Single Franchise - The initial franchise fee (also called the "territory fee") for a FiltaFry franchise is $29,500. In addition, you must purchase from The Filta Group the equipment, uniforms, marketing materials, supplies, stationery, in fact everything you need to operate your FiltaFry business and other items listed in the opening package schedule. This also includes your lodging and meal costs when undergoing both classroom and field training. The current cost of the opening package is $31,950.

You need to provide a white Ford E-150 Van which we will paint and equip (which is also included in the above). Total investment ranges from $76,050 to $83,800.

Multi-area opportunities are available upon request.

Please visit the website for more information.

The Filta Group, Inc.
7075 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 1
Orlando, FL 32819

P: (407) 996-5550
F: (407) 996-5551
1-866-51-FILTA (3-4582)

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