FirstFitness Opportunity
FirstFitness Opportunity

Company Overview
Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, FirstFitness was founded in 1989 by Lee Causey and Nigel Branson.
FirstFitness markets its world-class line of nutritional products through a nationwide network of Independent Distributors.
Positioned for Growth
With thousands of loyal customers and Distributors, FirstFitness has invested in the sales and marketing tools to aggressively expand into the consumer marketplace.

Founders and Leaders with Successful Track Record
How do you become successful? Team up and surround yourself with people who have been incredibly successful. People who are proven entrepreneurs: marketing legends. people like the founders and leaders of FirstFitness.

The FirstFitness executive team has been part of some of the greatest success stories in American business: companies built from scratch to over $300 million in just three years; the fastest-growing company in the history of network marketing; global expansion in health and wellness; and the first nutrition mega-brand that revolutionized personal weight-loss transformation and changed the lives of millions.

With a solid plan for the future, FirstFitness is a proven company - one you can join with confidence.

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Contact Us
World Headquarters
1430 Bradley Lane
Suite 196
Carrollton, Texas 75007 USA

Tel: (972) 820-2100
Fax: (972) 820-2101
Mon-Fri: 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (CST)

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