Fish Window Cleaning
Fish Window Cleaning

Mission Statement

Our Mission
Fish Window CleaningÆ will dominate the market and be ìclearly seenî as the best and most respected window-cleaning company in the world.

We will continue to accomplish this by providing:
* Superior service to our customers.
* Unmatched support and partnership with our franchisees.
* Personal and professional growth to our employees.

Our Vision
United in common purpose and leading by example, through innovation, productivity and utilization of our proven proprietary business system:
* We will guide our franchisees to realize and exceed their business goals.
* We will develop and empower employees to their maximum potential.
* We will create the best work environment for every employee.
* We will create and build brand equity.
* We will reflect our customersí quality image and brighten our community.

1. Honor God and family.
2. Honesty ñ You can believe what we say.
3. Integrity ñ We say what we mean.
4. Commitment ñ We do what we say.
5. Promise ñ We keep our promises.
6. Available ñ We are always available.
7. No excuses ñ Do it right the first time.
8. We care and we help.
9. We succeed.
10. We have fun.

S. Michael Merrick, President

Investment Package
Here is a breakdown of the associated cost involved with the Fish Window Cleaning franchise investment. Listed expenditures include but are not limited to: working capital, payroll, advertising, and rent. As you go through the discovery process with one of our franchise development specialists, they will create a territory for you and help you outline your specific costs.

Initial Franchise Fee $19,900 $49,900
Training $2,000 $4,000
Equipment and Office Packages $13,500 $16,600
Initial Business Development and Marketing $11,200 $28,700
Working Capital $8,000 $29,000

Total Estimated Initial Investment* $54,500 - $127,600

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