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Focus Forward Online is a leader in the online market research industry. By using cutting edge web based and back-end technology, Focus Forward Online allows companies to improve their products and services by learning more about their customers' needs and preferences.

For every project, we utilize our nationwide Internet Panel, covering a wide range of demographics across many criteria. The successful growth of our panel is due to both strategic promotions of our services to the general public and specialized industries, as well as organic growth. Their feedback on the products and services they regularly use is invaluable to the success of a marketing campaign: from conception, to development, to brand awareness. Participants turn to Focus Forward Online out of an empowering sense that their opinions help shape the products and services they value. In addition, our cash incentives allow our respondents to benefit financially for simply providing their personal feedback.

We firmly believe that our clients remain loyal to Focus Forward Online because of our thorough understanding of their market research objectives. Focus Forward Online has a proven track record and commitment to professionalism throughout the process. Our survey respondents continue to trust Focus Forward Online because of our strict privacy policy and our dedication to creating new survey opportunities for them to participate.

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