For Every Home Opportunity
For Every Home Opportunity

Our Mission
Empowering women to build a profitable and rewarding home based business while cultivating opportunities to celebrate the moments, memories, and milestones of home.

How it Began
For Becky Anderson, it has always been about family. As a busy mother raising nine children, Becky's days were filled keeping track of her kids and managing the family farm. Despite the long hours and sleepless nights, the family business was where she felt at home.

One summer day, Becky came home to find one of her daughters on a tractor helping with some chores. She knew her husband wanted to teach their girls the value of hard work, but insisted she did not want them to learn it riding tractors.

Determined to instill a strong work ethic in her four daughters, Becky decided she would use her background in chemistry to produce all-natural lotions and body washes. Stephanie, Ashley, Kimmie and Whitney gathered around their mother at home in their kitchen and For Every Body was born.

Within just a few months, Becky decided to turn their kitchen chemistry project into a small business. But, the process wasn't always easy. Banks, lawyers, friends and even her husband were not convinced the business would be successful. Becky knew this would be a great opportunity for her family, so she held her breath and took a giant leap of faith.

From its humble beginnings, the company has expanded from a small retail store into one of the largest private, women-owned candle companies in North America. Becky still works alongside one of her daughters, and has built a company around her philosophy that her most important job is being a mother.

In 2007, Becky created For Every Home to give women like her opportunities to celebrate the moments, memories and milestones that happen at home. From her experience, Becky knows home businesses give women the freedom, flexibility and financial independence to spend time doing the things they love.

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