Frederick School of Cosmetology

Frederick School of Cosmetology
Prospect Plaza
403 S. Jefferson St.
Frederick, MD. 21701

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our students with the opportunity to achieve their dream of becoming a professional in the beauty industry by offering each student a supportive educational environment that promotes learning.

School Philosophy
Teach a solid foundation of educational and technical skills using the most modern resources available for entry into competitive leading computerized salons

Inspire our students to develop their creative talents

Provide our students with the facility to perfect their skills in a hands-on clinical setting while under the supervision of our experienced educators

Instill the values of maintaining a professional image combined with ambition, skill and perseverance will enhance their career in the beauty industry

Promote, by example, sound business practices, professional ethics and good salesmanship skills

Prepare our students with the vital "people communication skills" necessary to establish, build and maintain a trusting relationship with a diverse clientele

Motivate students to complete the school program, necessary to acquire the essential skills to pass the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology exam, obtain licensure, enabling our students to secure a successful career within the cosmetology industry.

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