FreeLife International Opportunity
FreeLife International Opportunity

Create A Business that Gives You Freedom
People across the world have changed their lives with FreeLife's lucrative business opportunity. With our scientifically validated products and powerful Compensation Plan, you can embark on a life-changing journey rich with the opportunity of improved health, significant income, and far more freedom to do the things you enjoy most.

Compensation Plan


FreeLife International's Compensation Plan provides you with significant upfront, part-time and long-term income. Whether your goal is to earn a monthly income of a couple hundred dollars, to several thousand dollars, to a five figure monthly income, you can make it happen if you consistently follow our system of success.

FreeLife's state-of-the-art products are the backbone of the compensation plan and enable you to build a business that can provide you income month after month, year after year that can last for a lifetime.

The Compensation Plan was designed with you in mind, the hardworking Marketing Executive who makes it all happen. Each part of the plan builds on the next, creating the most lucrative and rewarding compensation in the Direct Selling industry today.

There Are 9 Ways To Earn Income In FreeLife
1. Product Rebate
2. Fast Start Bonus
3. 10 Level Plan
4. Advancement Bonuses
5. 20 - 60% Matching Bonus
6. Ambassador Generational Bonuses
7. Service Pool
8. Royal Ambassador Bonuses
9. Presidential Royal Ambassador Bonuses

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