About Us was designed, crafted and created by Brian Konradt, a former freelance writer and graphic designer, who ran his own freelance business between 1992 and 1996. If you've heard of Mr. Konradt before, it might be because he had penned and published many articles on freelancing and drew a loyal following of freelancers who read his stuff. Mr. Konradt discontinued his freelance business in October 1996 to focus more on establishing himself as an Internet entrepreneur.

Says Konradt, "Back in the early 1990s we didn't have the Internet to flash our portfolios in front of potential clients. Our marketing tactics were very different: lots of print advertising, PR, direct mail, and peddling business cards to and from networking events. It was expensive and time-consuming sometimes." The Internet has changed the dynamics of marketing, according to Konradt. "Lounging at our desk in our pajamas we can easily pitch our wares of writing services to local, national and international clients who are seeking freelance talent. Marketing our freelance services via the Internet is faster and cheaper."

Mr. Konradt created to provide freelancers with another venue to market their services and secure clients. "I know how troublesome it can be to find your next client or freelance gig," says Konradt. "I always advise freelancers to continually market their services through many different venues so that freelance opportunities flow plentifully."

In 1996 when the Internet was becoming more accessible to the public, Mr. Konradt noticed how freelancers were harnessing the Internet to be more productive and make more money. "I remember writing an extensive article for a magazine, titled, 'Web Portfolios.' In my article I revealed how freelancers were launching their own simple website to advertise their services, samples and client list, as well as to communicate and work with clients. This was revolutionary at that time because it was a new marketing tactic that reduced marketing expenses and increased profit and productivity."

Says Konradt, "Researching and writing this article gave me the idea that one day I would provide a service to help freelancers market themselves more efficiently and effectively via the Internet."

Mr. Konradt invested his own money and time to make a reality, and says he will keep as a free service. "I feel such delight when I can help other freelancers to succeed," says Konradt. "I hope this website can make freelancing a bit easier for freelancers who want more freelance opportunities."

Mr. Konradt is still active online. Visit his personal website at is maintained by the webmasters of, a website for freelance writers who want to master the business and creative aspects of their writing careers.

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