is owned by Innovate it. Innovate it is a swedish company regulated by swedish authorities. Innovate it is limited by shares(aktiebolag) and must file annual reports to Bolagsverket. Innovate it was started in May 1999 and has since then developed into a stable online business. was started in February 2004 and is today one of the top players in the online freelance area. If you would like to know what our users say about us, please click here.

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Bookmark our homepage to make sure you don't forget about our website next time you need to develop an IT project for yourself or your company. Would you like to outsource your next project? Would you like to make money as a freelancer? Click Sign Up to start! Outsourcing is hiring an outside organization to perform services such as information processing and applications development. It's easy, fun and very affordable to outsource your project with our site.

Our site is global and we have freelancers from India, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, United States, UK and many other parts of the world. Outsource projects and save a lot of money. Getting affordable freelance work, freelance programming and custom web design done for your website has never been easier. Our mission is to find the best possible freelance workers at the best possible price. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the world. A freelancer is an independent worker, not on salary, hired instead on a project basis.
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