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Getting Started

Getting Started
How long have you dreamed of making a video game?
Video game development is a substantial industry, employing almost 50,000 people in North America alone. But while many people daydream about working in game development, few have the chops to follow through and take action. We know that’s why you’re here now: to take action.

These Getting Started pages will introduce you to the world of game development by breaking down some of the complex information. Our goal is to introduce you to career paths, educational options that fit your needs, and advice about how to successfully — and realistically — break into the video game industry.

If you’ve got the basics down, our homepage has daily news updates and feature articles to keep you in sync with the professional world. Follow the trends, and you’ll be a more successful job candidate.

Check out our community forums, too, where you can network with fellow newbies and ask working professionals for their opinionated advice.

Got a burning question right now? Send it to and we might answer it in our advice column, Ask the Experts.

Please visit the website to learn more.

To work in game development, you’ve got to have tenacity. You’ve got to be willing to work on it every single day. So check in with us daily. We’ll help you keep tabs.
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