Gift Basket Wholesale Supply

Gift Basket Wholesale Supply

About Us

Gift Basket Wholesale Supply is a new company with big plans. The owners are Brent & Reba Collins, previous owners of It's their plan to grow GBWS to size and prominence that was once Floralstuff before it's closing in September 2003.

The owners, Brent and Reba, have always maintained that a high level of customer service is the best product they could offer. With that goal in mind, they set out to build a company that can satisfy the needs of gift basket companies in all 50 states and beyond.

How to Make Beautiful Gift Baskets
If you need more than just tips, tricks, ideas and gift basket supplies, don't worry, sign up for our newsletter ~ Basket Biz Cafe ~ and receive our "How to Make Beautiful Gift Baskets" E-Course FREE! You'll learn:

* using a theme for your baskets
* how to choose the perfect container
* secret tips on how to make everything stay in place
* how to make a beautiful bow
* the single item that will make any basket stand out from the crowd
* how to wrap your gift basket without a mess
* secret wrapping techniques to make your basket unique
* and more!

This gift basket e-course is divided into 8 separate emails. After signing up you will automatically receive one email each day, each email will cover a different aspect of making a gift basket.

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