Global Travel International, Become a Travel Agent

Global Travel International, Become a Travel Agent

About Us
In 1994, two college roommates set out to build a new kind of Travel Agency — one that would not be defined by four walls, restricted by geographic location or bound by the typical overhead that encumbers most Travel Agencies. This Travel Agency would span the globe with one goal — to market and distribute travel in a new global economy. The foundation was to be built on efficiency and innovation. And thus, Global Travel International was born.

Today, GTI is also the world leader in empowering people who are new to the travel industry, as well as travel professionals, with the ability to sell exciting travel vacations to family and friends — and have fun at the same time!

We provide both new and experienced Agents with all the web-based booking technology, marketing tools and business support they need for a rewarding and profitable career selling travel to people they already know — their friends and family! Independent Travel Agents with GTI have the incredible opportunity to combine their love of travel with GTI's prowess in the travel industry to leverage one of the most lucrative compensation programs available for home-based business entrepreneurs today.

Agents begin earning commissions right away on their personal bookings, any bookings generated for their clients and on the bookings of anyone they sign up as a new Independent Travel Agent — as long as they're both participating in the GTI program. This lets them build businesses with robust residual income that have the potential to double or even triple their earnings again and again! And that's not all! They also have the opportunity to receive cash bonuses and make even more money from travel sales of anyone they refer into the business.

So, whether looking to begin a travel business or earn some extra money on a part-time basis while enjoying luxurious travel and savings benefits, there's truly something for everyone at GTI. We make a positive difference in people's lives every day!

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