Gold Canyon Opporunity
Gold Canyon Opportunity
Scented Candles, body care and natural home cleaning

Gold Canyon is a party-plan business with more than 25,000 Independent Demonstrators across North America. We offer a complete line of candles, body and home products including home fragrance in the form of scented candles, room sprays and sachets; home décor with various candle holders; personal care with hand scrub, hand silk, body lather, body lotion, body polish, body crème, bath soak, body mist and candle care products such as wick dippers and trimmers. Even with our vast line of products, every item is developed with great care to ensure it meets the highest quality standards that Gold Canyon established in the early days.

We're committed to the essence of living well and we've developed products to help our customers create an ambience that is theirs alone. Our candles, decorative accessories, personal care products and fragrances bring out the best in everyone's home. After all, they're "The World's Finest"®!

Mission Statement
The mission of Gold Canyon is to provide "The World’s Finest"® scented products to our customers and to create exceptional opportunities for individuals looking for inspiration to discover and elevate their natural-born talents. We are founded on and will carry forward our mission emphasizing family, charity, community and friendship.

Core Purpose
To enrich lives by providing opportunities for personal growth and products for personal well-being.

Guiding Principles
Accuracy - To understand, give and receive information with clarity and precision.

Courage - Having the strength to do what is right.

Humility - To act without ego while working with others.

Integrity - To communicate and act with truth and sincerity.

Curiosity - The desire to learn about and improve yourself, others and your surroundings

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