Graffiti Removal, Fighting Graffiti at the Presidio

Graffiti Removal, Fighting Graffiti at the Presidio
by Jack Innis
PaintPro Magazine

Having trouble removing graffiti from a faux-painted surface? A soft-sponge abrasive worked on the historic walls of the Presidio.

Graffiti Removal“Leave no stone unturned” was the goal of conservators of the Presidio Trust when it came to finding a long-term method of dealing with graffiti on its historic sandstone-masonry Boundary Wall.

The Presidio Trust manages a portion of the former U.S. Army base called The Presidio of San Francisco. According to a National Park Service Web site, the base has a rich cultural history, beginning with the native Ohlone people and continuing through Spanish arrival in 1776, 24 years of Mexican rule, and finally U.S. Army control in 1846.

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