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Graphic design blog is to share views on design books, websites, graphic design programs, graphic design training, design employment, freelancing, ideas and all things graphic design.

About me
My name is Tara and I am a thirty something freelance graphic designer based in Northamptonshire England. I have been freelancing now for 4 years. Prior to that I worked for various local design agencies for about 12 years. I have worked on a wide variety of design projects including brochure design, logos and corporate ID, exhibition panels, flyers and package design. If you have any design requirements I can help with please take a look at my portfolio or contact me via the contact form.

I enjoy playing the guitar in my spare time, I have been learning for about 4 years, but I am still not very good. I am also enjoying blogging which I have been doing since February/March 2007.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment on any posts, if you would like to make a guest post please contact me. Any suggestions for posts are also most welcome.

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