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Graphic Design Business
Sessions Online Schools of Art and Design

In this course, students complete a series of projects in preparation for setting up a design business.

In Graphic Design Business, you'll learn the essentials of setting up and managing your graphic design business. We'll guide you through everything from how to present your portfolio, find work, and market yourself, to the more daunting tasks of registering a company name, establishing an accounting system, and setting up your own corporation (we're not kidding).

Whether you're going freelance, setting up your own shop, or just starting out with a big company, this course will set your career on the right track. Course projects are hands-on: you'll create a business plan, respond to an RFP (request for proposal), test-drive accounting software, create a budget, and customize your own business forms. When your first customer walks through the door, you'll be ready!

Course Tuition
$1,100 US

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