Greeting Cake Company - Become an Independent Distributor
The Greeting Cake Company - Become an Independent Distributor

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A Message from the owner of The Greeting Cake Company
Welcome to The Greeting Cake Company. I am Bernadette Soehner, Founder and Owner of this wonderful company. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to myself and our company.

I am the proud mother of 5, yes 5, Boys! They range in age from 9-2. In May of 2004, when my twin boys were eight months old I ventured into business for myself, never knowing where it would take me. Having been in business for myself since I was twenty-years-old, starting a small business was easy! But what came about in the months to follow I couldn't have imagined. By the end of that same month I had a phone call from a woman wanting to buy my business, she thought it was so great. But I didn't have anything to sell her. My plan was to enlist a few distributors and see where that would take me. By June 2004 I had my first two distributors. I suspected this would be it for the year. I was mistaken. By the end of July I had eight distributors and by the end of August 2004 I had over 330 distributors nationwide. And then I found out I was pregnant with baby number five!

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The Greeting Cake Company, LLC Arvada, Colorado
PO Box 16507
Denver CO 80216

fax 303-467-1113

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