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The grooming industry's premier resource for "businesspersons that groom." Home of From Problems to Profits, the world's most popular pet grooming business book. And now, Grooming Business in a Box®, extraordinary business tools for extraordinary groomers. Welcome to the benchmark business side of dog and cat grooming.

About Us
Madeline "Maddie" Bright Ogle, PhD has been President of The Madson Group, Inc. since the company was founded in 1987. In that year Maddie had just sold her legendary grooming pet salon established in 1961. In 2002, Maddie founded Find A Groomer Inc. in preparation for the eventual release of Grooming Business in a Box® (2006). Under her leadership, Find A Groomer maintains, markets and supports all Grooming Business in a Box® publications and services, as well as, the world's most popular pet grooming website. Maddie has been president of state associations, worked with state legislators to pass noteworthy legislation for pet groomers, and perhaps more importantly, for 25 years owned one of the largest, most successful pet grooming salons in the United States.

Her son, Stephen, left the corporate world of employment and joined her in 1987 to assist with the From Problems to Profits project. In 1997 he created and has continued unto today as its Webmaster. He and Maddie are co-authors of all Grooming Business in a Box® publications. Stephen has written hundreds of professional formal business plans for groomers, lead hundreds of private consultations and workshops on the business-side of pet grooming since 1987.

MaddieA Message for You from Madeline (Maddie) Ogle PhD
In 1961 I opened a very small grooming business in Santa Clara, California. It soon grew into a major salon operating 7 days-a-week, including weekday evenings serving over 5,000 regular clients. After retiring as a grooming business owner in 1986 I decided to translate my trade secrets for managing a successful grooming into a how-to book. I didn't write my personal story, but instead created a step-by-step business manual with support services so that readers of all skill levels could maximize the potential of their grooming businesses.

The result was the first 1989 edition of From Problems to Profits - The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses, published by my then new company, The Madson Group, Inc. In 1997 we released an updated and revised edition, and today we sell more copies than ever as an increasing number of men and women come from more traditional business backgrounds into the grooming industry to do what they love, work with pets! Find A Groomer Inc. now owns From Problems to Profits and it is brining you Grooming Business in a Box™.

You won't find many businesses in the grooming industry whose mission is solely to help you master the "business side" of pet grooming. That's our dedication, and perhaps that is why we are the best known grooming management consultants.

I remind members of our industry of one vital fact never to forget. It is your management skills, and not only your fine pet grooming skills, that deliver well-deserved financial rewards, stability and less stress. Ribbons and trophies are wonderful, but they are never a guarantee of financial success. You only need a small number of training hours to become far more knowledgeable as a grooming business owner, and it will show.

The joy of working with pets is not about worrying about a lack of skilled employees, or making this month's bills. That's survival. How many groomers retire comfortably from their grooming earnings? Not enough, but many of our clients do. It's never to too early to plan, even 20 years away.

Many groomers and business owners are, well, dumbfounded that our training and services could be so effective. The honest ones admit that "they thought they knew it all." How often we hear, "I wish I would have listened to you and used your services years ago."

In 1961 when I started in the grooming industry there were no grooming business-only books, we all had to "wing it." In fact there were no dedicated business books until the late 1980's. Now you can save years of trial and error, and protect large sums of money invested in your grooming business, by learning from others in the grooming industry. We can do that for you. That is exactly what our products and services are all about. Don't risk your time, money and career and develop a mediocre business, but instead let us help you create your dream business, whatever that is. I wish you success and joy in our field.

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